Customer's Reviews

"I had my car serviced last week at Saaban, Automotive Tools and Services in Singapore. I had the warm greeting of a courteous staff. Thereafter two of them came and immediately began a thorough service of the car. I was impressed with the professionalism shown by them. Everything was taken care off in a timely manner without being clumsy" Mohammed Sheikh Singapore

"I had a car battery repaired by Saaban, Automotive Repair and Services in Singapore. I am pleased with them. My car was giving me trouble for past few months. I took it to this auto shop and they located the problem. This is indicative of their integrity and skills" Patrick Chong Singapore

"Got the oil changed here. The staff was highly knowledgeable. They told me that the transmission and fuel filter needed service. The charges were reasonable. It was executed in a stipulated time. I have recommended this to my friend" Peter Rodrigues Singapore

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