Get your car off to a wonderful start

Saaban Services ventured into the business of automotive tools and services in Singapore in the year 1979. We have experts who can handle maintenance as well as repair for all cars irrespective of the brands. Increase the lifespan and value of your car with regular car servicing. Proficient technicians are trained to service any model of car by employing sophisticated equipments and techniques. We are committed to providing beneficial and honest services. Get expert advice from our trained staff. You vehicle deserves a high quality reasonably priced repair service which can be provided by us. We provide customers with expert advice from trained staff which is what your car needs.

We would help to understand what is actually going on with the vehicle’s battery and other tools. Our experts offer a reliable battery check-up which would estimate temperature at which it might fail and other relative things. This would also give idea on how long the battery would last. We are a complete car repair and maintenance package. Maintain a vehicle is also important in order to safeguard the people who would travel or use it. Your coupé is safe in our hands.

Our service platter also includes selling of spark plugs from NSK and Denso, best engine oils and filters car batteries and brake pads. Get these world class relevant products at competitive prices. We have all that your car needs ranging from expert professionals to tackle it and best products to enhance its function. You would have to just get your pet vehicle to our shop.

Visit and avail our services for a lifetime car!